Automatic Pouring foundry Machine

Foundry pouring machine Prinsid

PRINSID’S auto-casting system can increase industrial automation and productivity within your foundry. Here is the list of the main features regarding our casting system:

in the video: testing of the pouring machine in manual mode with operator on board

> Size
The automatic pouring system is usually produced with ladles ranging from 500 to 1500 kg and more.

> Fixed casting point
The casting point remains fixed throughout the whole stage of casting. This point can be set by the control panel, according to our customer’s requests

> The ladle is highly automatized
All the movements are electrical, thanks to the use of brushless motors, matched with software, so that the casting point into the casting box is kept fixed.

> The controls
The controls are easy to use and ergonomic. The worker stands in the box, is safe and is able to move every part of the pouring system.

> Speed
All the movements are adjustable in speed, either thanks to proportional controls or, as far as rotation is concerned, thanks to an innovative handwheel.

> Minimum encumbrance
The ladle protrudes from the automatic pouring machine. Neither pivots nor bearing piles interfere with the possible positions of the spout over the casting box

> Very good visibility
The automatic pouring system is equipped with wide and oriented glasses: they let the worker have full visibility towards the casting point

> Structure
Every part is designed so that each component complies with safety measures and rules: coefficients of safety are always higher than 2.

> The automatic pouring system is easy to use
The controls are intuitive: they can be learnt and used easily

> The ladle
The ladle is produced in a shape which is suitable even for spheroidization. The ladle can be moved also by either forklift truck or gantry crane.

> The spout of the ladle
The spout of the ladle is drawn and produced according to our customer’s requests. Our ladles have an additional spout which is opposite the first one; the additional spout is useful for scorification process.

> The top of the ladle
According to our customer’s request, the ladle can be equipped with a top, so that the temperature is kept constant.

> PC interface and moulds queue control
Our machines can be connected with the customer’s forming line to increase productivity.